EIT RawMaterials awards funding for Lekatech led consortium

Lekatech and its 4 consortium members from 3 other European countries will work for 3 years with the common objective to commercialize the Lekatech electric hammer for mining sector. Both underground and open-pit mining sites are addressed. In the core of the project are 3 pilot sites in 3 different European countries where use cases are to be experimented with Lekatech hammer. In addition to piloting, awareness of Lekatech solution’s possibilities are spread in networking events and publications. The total project size is close to 2,5M€.

This project is a big step in the commercialization development of Lekatech and we are happy to do this together with the consortium members and other stakeholder. A big thank you goes to all the parties that have enabled Lekatech to make this possible. For more information about the project, please be in contact with Team Lekatech. (

EIT RawMaterials supports key activities regarding minerals, metals, raw materials innovation, entrepreneurship and education. The organization is funded by European Union and European Raw Materials Industry. (


This project has received funding from the European
Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 866754