Kaj Koskela Moves to a New Role

Since November 2023 Kaj has been a valuable asset to Lekatech. He has pushed forward the commercialization of the Lekatech Electric Hammer. Despite Kaj's continued enthusiasm on the revolutionary technology and Lekatech's bright outlook Kaj has decided to take a senior position in a well-established global business outside Lekatech starting on 13th of May.

"It was a great, although short, journey at Lekatech. Our technological breakthrough not only enables more energy efficient earthmoving and mining operations, but also strengthens the realization of the green transition in these fields," comments Kaj Koskela. "I wish Lekatech all the best of success in the years to come and am confident the company will change the hammering industry for good," continues Koskela.

We thank you Kaj for his contribution and development work in the sales and business of Lekatech.   We wish him all of success in his new role.

The new contact person for sales and business development is Mr. Antti Anttila, CEO for the time being.

Marketing & communication related matters, please contact Mrs. Satu Rämö.

Antti Anttila
CEO, Lekatech Oy


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